Monday, February 24, 2014

How to Create a Personal Wi Fi Hotspot for an iPad from an iPhone

By turning on the Personal Hotspot feature on your iPhone, you can tether it to your iPad by sharing its cellular data connection to your iPad. If your iPad is Wi-Fi only, you can use this feature to access the web on your iPad when you’re away from your home Wi-Fi connection.
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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Google PageRank Update February 2013

Google Toolbar has once more modified the inexperienced painted color. PageRank that is so an excellent link analysis algorithmic program has been invigorated and websites square measure currently hierarchic once more on the size of 0-10 supported the standard backlinks. This latest Google PageRank update happened nowadays i.e. fourth Feb 2013 evidently. Google rolls out a PR update on quarterly basis which implies websites square measure hierarchic on a scale of zero to ten once each three months. The last update was on Gregorian calendar month 2012 and simply once 3 months a brand new update was extended. For over 2 years, despite thousands of backlinks (over seven,800) our web log maintained a PR four.0 and simply nowadays Google was generous enough to finally take U.S.A. to succeeding level. we've Alhamdulillah earned PR five.0 and it's so an excellent psychological feature feedback from Google. There square measure reasons why our PR failed to increase for such an extended time. For the past 3 months we have a tendency to had been performing on a method that actually vie well and that i are going to be sharing of these details nowadays.

What is PageRank?

It dates back to 1998 once Larry Page and Sergey brin 1st brought their paper formula's to public. PageRank is that the backbone of Google and it is the major practicality that differentiates it from alternative programme giants like Yahoo! and Bing. it's an efficient Page quality algorithmic program that keeps track of all incoming backlinks to a page in an exceedingly safe record. Whenever search robots crawl your pages they count the quantity of incoming links inform your online page and additionally keeps track of the quantity of links inform from your online page to alternative niche sites. supported the standard and not amount of backlinks, the PR algo scales sites between number values ranging from zero to ten. For a standard web log, PR7 is that the most realizable rank, for company blogs PR will go as high as nine or ten.

PR differentiates caliber websites from sensible content publishers. The additional quality links or recommendations a web site receive, the upper the probabilities square measure for it to achieve a high PR.

Animated Google AdSense Ads [Videos]

As it would appear, Google is swing up quite some effort into rising upon their AdSense program. one or two of months past, we saw new, larger ad units discharged by Google, and this was only one of the various options introduced in 2012. additional recently - on really, Google introduced free video-ad serving for individuals mistreatment Doubleclick For Publishers. And now, it feels like Google is introducing a full new feature - animated ads for AdSense. this might otherwise be one among the most important changes in years!
Animated ads?

Yep, that is right! Animated Ads! Google is functioning on ads that may animate, i.e. reform and alter their info once you hover your mouse over them. Previously, ads may solely be highlighted upon mouse-over. But now, they're going to modification their fonts and reform themselves!

Initially, you'll be able to spot these ads from the big title text font sizes, with arrows next to them. once you over over them, these ad titles can modification their size, and therefore the ad can animate into a standard trying ad with a lot of info like link etc. you'll be able to then click them as you please (not that we'd suggest it, what with Google obtaining all paranoid on self-clicking :P).

If you would like to see these ads out, look at these videos announce by @incrediBILL at WebmasterWorld.

Why cannot you see animated ads on your site?
If you do not see these reasonably ads on your web site, don't be concerned. we do not see them either. I simply detected them on different websites, and regarded them value mentioning. Google is just experimenting with these things, and there has been no official announcement. therefore we will not say something nonetheless, as a result of we do not understand whether or not Google intends to stay this feature, or withdraw it - it would possibly rely upon statistics and user feedback.

From the appearance of it, not all ad units area unit animated. Presently, the 160x600 and 336x280, and a few others show this feature. If another ad unit is functioning for you, then be at liberty to inform USA concerning it within the comments below!
What may this mean?
As a publisher, this might mean lots for you. i'm talking from the revenue purpose of read. These new ads positive area unit enticing (your opinion on this would possibly differ), and may serve to spice up your CTR. however we will not make sure of something simply nonetheless. For all we all know, they could cut back CTR, and even hamper your blog!

It may additionally mean that Google is attempting savagely to urge back on its AdSense game, and create individuals understand that AdSense is simply pretty much as good currently because it was (long ago). no matter can really happen tho', are a few things for time to determine.

Do you see these ads on your site? If therefore, please tell USA concerning them, and additionally share whether or not or not they've had any result on your CTR. Stay happy, and keep sharing :)